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About the film

  • Country of Production: Bangladesh
  • Language: English
  • Producer: Hasib Shakil
  • Director: Fakhrul Alam
  • Production Company: HASH Films 
  • Runtime: 25 minutes (Approximately) 
  • Format: Digital
  • Stage: Production
A middle-aged writer who lacks connection with his present time, writes about his days of being a lover and becoming a priest in the distant future. While writing his story, through his words he gradually unfolds his memories and miseries from childhood to adulthood.

Project description

 Memories and Miseries is a 25 minutes long English language film. In a non-linear narrative set on isolated locations, the film portrays scattered yet connecting events of a writer who is not recognizable in a crowd of a million. The film takes place from the writer’s childhood to his adulthood in a black and white setting and focuses on the absurdity of a man’s life in modern times. 


The middle aged writer, entrapped in a state of ennui, is writing about his memories from the past and distant future. His wife, with whom he lacks intimation, remains at the background, busy with her household works. But ignoring everything, he keeps writing in his typewriter, about the time when he too fell in love. One night, full of dazzling lights, he met a woman while he was contemplating like Buddha inside a manhole. Without seeing each other, he finds out a conncetion with the sound of her movements that reminded him of his poetic self and cheerful childhood he spent dreaming of superheroes. His life begin to healed by the intricacies of love, but it wasn’t enough to save him as the woman left soon. But to find her, he embarks on a new voyage, a journey of existence, in his quest to find the lost love. Eventually he gets disappointed when he sees her rhythm have already changed and we see him becoming the man he is now, a writer, a husband who lacks intimidation with his wife. 

But beyond all odds, his soul always wanted to be free and he later became a priest. He was left in a condition of devastation after hearing confessions from a psychic murderer and a small boy who had been suffering from existential ennuie, he began to raise concerns about the inadequacies, and eventually  eventually came to the realisation that he was not the man of god. He stops being everything but a man unable to hold more miseries and outburst in an unknown seashore where he confronts his master, his creator. But yet a question arises, whether to truly tell he had written his story back when he was writing about his memories or those pages were meant to create something else! 

Director's bio

Mohammad Fakhrul Alam, believes art might be an escape zone for the admirer but for an artist- it has always been a pathway of meditation and connecting one’s soul with the cosmic energy. Traveling for almost a decade throughout the country like an abrupt dervish, Fakhrul had always thought about telling those stories he lived in. Sometimes, through poetry, sometimes with music, sometimes photography but including all elements together, for him it was always cinema he wanted to make. Cinema, and especially his first fiction, Memories and Miseries is like an onion with layers of membrane to him. The more he recognizes and goes deep into its abstract images, the more sophisticated and beautifully complex it appears to be.

Mohammad Fakhrul Alam


Fuad Hasan

Assistant Director

Bayazid Hossain

Associate Executive Producer

Lutful Alam Nitul

Executive Producer

Maruf Proteek

Executive Producer

Anupam Chowdhury

CInematographer & Editor

Partho Protim

Creative Director

Tanjidul Hossain

VFX & Sound Design

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